Oh, the pain

The first Tarmak level wasn’t too bad. I moved J, K, E, and N. The first two are hardly used, and the few times I need them I don’t have to think too hard. After a bit of practice, N was solid, mostly, I think, because it is the same finger that presses it.

But the pain point was E, since it moved hands and from top row to home. Still, with some concerted practice, I am getting it.

I also spent 20 minutes today writing with the new layout, and it turns out that a repetitive test is a lot easier than prose because you don’t really memorize letters, you memorize words and phrases and your fingers generally just know how to type a given word.

The pain is real because I have to slow way down to spell out each individual word now, instead just laying down prose as fast as my mind can invent it.

Did I mention that I also moved the backspace key to Caps Lock? Turns out that muscle memory is pretty ingrained and hard to break.

Till tomorrow,


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