Disappointing Dark Tower Movie

Wife and I went to see the Dark Tower movie.


Le-sigh. I really hate to bag on it, but I can’t honestly say it was a fantastic movie.

I suppose some context is in order.

First: I LOVE the book series. It ranks up there as one of my top epic fantasies ever written. The characters are so deep and involved, conflicted and nuanced. The epic plot is sweeping and grandiose with a rich backstory that permeates the entire storyline. The world is bitter and sad, with ties to our world.

It’s near-perfection.

Except the ending. The ending pissed me off, but the author does warn me at the end that if I don’t want to, I don’t have to turn the page. I turned it, and I was pissed.

But this movie supposedly takes place after the end of the book series. Most of the characters that made this tale so grand aren’t there. We really only get Roland and Jake.

Sure there are a few nods to the series, like talking animals (I’ll miss you Ake), honorifics like ‘thanke sai’ and what not, but it’s set in the modern world. I’m sorry, but you just can’t go buy ammo in NYC like they did in the movie. 80’s? Sure. Back when NYC was cool and stuff. Back when this story actually took place.

The father/son dynamic just wasn’t there. Jake didn’t kill anyone with a gun, which I consider to be an absolute atrocity for the story. If he’s going to be a gunslinger, he should have fucking killed someone with a gun. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out why he didn’t use a gun in the movie (other than target practice, which, again, would have NEVER taken place in modern NYC) and the only conclusion I can come to was them wanting to avoid Jake doing the actual deed and pissing off a bunch of people.

If PC culture ruined this glorious movie for me, I’m going to be pissed.

The worst part is it’s not Roland’s movie, but Jake. Jake’s the MC and didn’t actually win the fight. Roland did. That means the hero was not heroic in the end, and that just means it was a badly-plotted movie.

With so much depth to the franchise, it’s sad that they didn’t pick any of a hundred amazing plot lines to focus on, instead they tried to cram in some sky-beam into another tired SCI-FI plot line. This was practically another Thor or Marvel plot, and ultimately, trying to copy the MTU was what made this movie fail.

Shame on everyone involved in this film. Now excuse me while I try to cleanse it from my mind by reading the books again. Now where did I leave those tissues?

Till tomorrow,


Getting Busy

The time of the year for me to get super busy is upon me yet again.

Mid-August till Mid October is the stressful part of my year. Tons of changes at work, gearing up for end of the year changes, goals, and wrap-ups. For the past few years, this has been the time of the year when my writing habits usually break down so that I can focus on life. I’ve done it the last few years and it’s always frustrating coming out of it.

This year, I hope to break the trend, and keep up my daily writing habits. If something else needs to slip, then so be it. I just want to keep the daily word counts.


Till tomorrow,


Word really needs to get with the times.

I do most of my editing on my iPad and lately I’ve been getting very frustrated by Word. Word insists on still treating all pages as “actual pages” and since most content is consumed on the web with continuous scrolling websites, why does Word require us to see everything as pages?

On top of that, if I’m going to have comments, I have to have those off to the side in bubbles, which, fine, I actually like that.

But why does my screen have to reflect the actual page layout? Why does 1/3 of the screen have to be taken up by comment bubbles, thus shrinking the text down for the rest of the page, making it near-impossible to read? Why do all the margins have to be shown on the screen?

Seriously, Microsoft, help an aging man out here. I don’t need all that whitespace taking up my valuable 10.5″ screen’s real-estate. I need to be able to adjust the display size of the text on-screen so I can actually read it without getting closer or squinting.

I don’t care about the formatting for the page. Everything is digital anyway, and I wouldn’t use Word to format my physical books anyway, so why are we still stuck in a paper-like digital world when our screens are shrinking smaller and smaller?

Oh yeah, you would like me to use the in-line comments? You mean the one that takes up the entire bottom half of the screen for a 1-line comment? That view? Yeah…that’s just as bad.

Then half the time when you exit that view, the screen page zooms to 50% instead of staying on “fit” like it’s supposed to!


And the bad part is that there really is no good replacement for this. All editors use Word. My critique groups use Word for the same reason. I can’t get away from this horribly designed program and I don’t use 90% of it’s features either.

I just need a decent commenting application that allows me to use my screen real estate better, that exports in Word.

Any suggestions?

Till tomorrow,


Slowly Catching Up

Well, I’m slowly catching up through my videos. I ran into a couple stressful weeks where I barely got any recording in, instead prioritizing my writing over videos (which I’m glad I did) but the end effect was I burned through all my backlog of videos and ended up doing a video nightly to make my schedule.

But I’m getting caught up now! Spent the weekend working hard and, while I’m not fully caught up, I’m in a better position now. The big issue I have right now is that all the videos I’m making take a LONG time to make. 1.5-2 hours each in fact! That’s a lot of hours per week spent making videos!

Once I’m done with my current series, I’ll drop back to doing some easier type content that doesn’t suck up quite so much time, but for now, each video requires a fair amount of time to records, edit, and publish.

Till tomorrow,


Soothing Sunday

Ahh, the weekend, when all my troubles melt away after a long week at work.

Only, when you’re as busy as I am, you don’t get much time off. Weekends are generally just as busy as the weekdays.

It’s the time I get most of my recording done, though lately I’ve been behind on that so I have been struggling to record videos most days this week to get caught up with my normal recording schedule.

I’m also a bit behind on some writing tasks, mostly editing and what-not. I want to get that stuff caught up, but I’m not going to stress about that too much right now. Things will get done when they get done.

For today, I want to start in on a new habit for myself. I want to start reviewing my weekly/monthly/years goals/tasks every Sunday. Over the last few months, I have really began harnessing the power of consistency, with daily writing, exercise, and more recently, meditation.

I want to take that to the next level over the next few months by adding in two more habits: namely daily editing (of something) and weekly reviews of my goals.

You can have all the tasks you want clogging up your task manager, but if you don’t review them, and prioritize what must get done first, you’re just storing important things in a note and not acting on them.

Of course the actions are the important part, but many times I simply don’t know what my next steps are, and many times that keeps me from actually starting on a project. If I use Sunday to plan out my week, and organize my tasks/next actions, then when I have time to work on the projects I won’t have to think, I’ll just act.

So yeah, here is to a successful few months of these two new habits.

Till tomorrow,


Streaming Saturday

Writing this blog entry a bit late, but I had my first ever stream on my gaming channel today. Thank you to everyone who attended, it was a lot of fun, but I’m still getting the hang of it. Still, I think I survived it!

I did sleep pretty well last night. After the rough on-call week I had it will be nice to finally get back into a normal schedule. Today was about relaxing, streaming, getting some writing done and, well, that’s about it. I just needed a day to recoup.

Till tomorrow,